Punter Mag

Welcome to Punter Mag, we are an escort guide for the regular guy. Our aim is to provide real reviews from punters; and have a bit of fun along the way.

Punter Mag is bored of the same old escort directory; where all you see is advertisement. So we decided to bring back the Lads Mag environment. Jokes, Videos, and the rest.

One thing we can all agree with is finding a real escort who looks like her photos is hard work, so let create a LADS community of potentials.

So why Punter Mag is advertising escort Agencies?

You might be wondering why are advertising escort agencies if you so fed up with adverts on escort directory’s?

That’s a good question, and the answer is simple, anyone who’s advertise on here has been reviewed by our staff, and WE feel that they deserve a mention. Also we feel that they can offer YOU something you been waiting for a while; and last but not least we get paid for it.

Why should I trust Punter Mags Opinion?

We are honest and we got nothing to lose, all we want is the real punters to give the juice on the Escort experience.

What areas are you reviewing?

At the moment we are looking for requests from escort agencies and punters alike.

London | Manchester | Birmingham |Wolverhampton | Leeds |Bradford |Glasgow| Southampton |Portsmouth| Liverpool| Newcastle |Nottingham| Sheffield| Bristol |Belfast |Leicester.